Our Story

Creating eyewear since 1998

With over 25 years into the business and a strong and experienced project, logistic and design team of 48people in Hong Kong, over 1000 people in China and Cambodia, Icare has grown on top of being a 50 year old manufacturer in China into a design, engineer and service house that help our customers to draw, technically validate and produce frames to the level of finish and quality that allow them to perform onto the market.

Icare Group is a group of companies established in 1998, designing, engineering, and producing middle to high-end optical frames and sunglasses, cases for the optical industry, as well as all elements of packaging and display materials out of our own factories located in China and Cambodia. We design, engineer, and produce all the products, accessories, and display materials necessary to launch, maintain, and grow a collection of frames onto the optical market. We take pride in designing creative and/or commercial products, producing usually branded products, at a high or very high level of quality and finishing. This "one-stop shop" strategy allows our customers to minimize their logistic costs, maximize coordination when launching a line of products or a brand, and simplify their work with their suppliers while getting great service and quality.

1998: Creation of Icare in Hong Kong by Mak Po Tai and Cedric BIMAR.

1999: Icare Europe is established in France as a representative office for Europe.

2003: 350,000 frames are produced per year.

2005: Creation of Icare Italy based in Venezia.

2006: 700,000 frames are produced per year.

2007: Icare acquires Standard Optical, a 45-year-old company in China, producing acetate and metal frames.

2010: Creation of a Representative office in Dallas, United States.

2013: 1,200,000 frames produced per year.

2015: 1,400,000 frames are being produced.

2016: Icare opens a frame factory in Cambodia with the first frames successfully delivered in December.

2017: Icare integrates a subcontractor to double its production capacities in China and delivered a total of 1.5 million frames in Europe, United States, and Asia.

2019: Icare delivers 3 million pieces, grows its business in the United States and Europe.

2023: Expansion accelerates through COVID-19. Turnover reaches 50 million USD.