Our Environmental Commitment

ILEAD is strongly involved and committed to the local community by financially and logistically supporting a NGO based in the village where we are located.

We are strongly involved and committed to the local community by financially and logistically supporting NGO which based in Cambodia from the village where
the factory was originally located.

The combination of these two key elements along with our other projects provides Icare Group with full compensation for its carbon emissions, evaluated by a third party UK
company, making us one of the very rare carbon neutral eyewear producers in the industry.

Thinking Green, Acting Green.

Charity and local communities

"Les Enfants de Klang Leu" is a Cambodian nonprofit charity organization that supports local kids by providing tutoring and school support, school amenities, and year-round day care, allowing parents to go to work and older kids to continue their studies. They also train the kids in hygiene, cooking, growing vegetables, and even house repairs after the wet season.

Our customers have also shown great support to the kids by supporting the charity either through direct financial contributions or by contributing a few cents per case bought. In return, they have been allowed to mention this support in their company communication and, for some, on their products in support of "Les Enfants de Klang Leu." It's a great way to justify your decision to supply frames from Cambodia to end customers, combining charity and company communication, but above all, supporting a great cause: helping promising and deserving Cambodian kids!


Carbon Neutral Project:

Icare, as a carbon-neutral organization, has offset its carbon emissions by supporting the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project in Cambodia. Covering over 445,000 hectares, the project aims to mitigate climate change, preserve biodiversity, and create sustainable livelihoods.

The Southern Cardamom region is vital for biodiversity conservation, home to 52 threatened species. The project supports the Gulf of Thailand's fisheries and directly benefits communities by providing fresh water, supporting education, and sustaining livelihoods for thousands of families. Icare's commitment aligns with the United Nations' REDD+ initiative and contributes to global conservation efforts in a biodiversity hotspot.

Awards & Recognition