Our technical innovations and strengths

Acetate UTX technology

A major innovation by Icare HK Co. Ltd, which has helped making acetate frames 40 to 50% lighter and thinner than regular frames. The manufacturing technique as well as the way we treat the acetate sheets, allow us to make the frames so thin that they totally refresh the design of all acetate frames, even the most classic ones.
Comfortable, light and very contemporary, our UTX can use any acetate available on the market and will stay stable and safe through time.

Customized pin hinges

Icare factory in China has been 50 years in production. We believe that we have an edge when it comes to vintage frames or more modern ones but fit with pin hinges, technique that we have mastered for years. We customize our pin hinges to your design, the mechanism always stay “fat” ensuring a smooth opening and closing of the temples for months/years, without using costly coated screws. The overall finish of our pins and hinges is high end and impeccable, using cold plating to colour the hinges to your requirement when necessary.

High end combination frames

Icare, taking advantage of its 50 years of experience in acetate frame manufacturing, has developed skills that allow us to manufacture high end sophisticated frames, combining acetate and metal parts in a superb high end finish.

Grooved metal

Icare has grown into thin and possibly stamped out grooved metal. We master thin volumes, sharp bevels and rounded edges so that every brand can give to metal the high end finish it deserves.

Personalised eyewear with different special configurations

Specific hinge

Specific metal bridge and endtip

Specific metal corewire

Specific metal endpiece